3 Things you don't want to miss on the Man 0'War tour!

It's one thing to hear about the legend of the great Man O'War, but it is an entirely different experience to actually see where he stood at stud. After participating on the Friday tour, there are some key takeaways to look out for if you plan on going to the November 1st special tour- and you should!

  1. The magnificent barn and stunning stall, in which Man O'War lived out his stud career has been fully restored to all of its glory by the current owners Greg and Becky Goodman. This is certainly a site to see, just ask the guests from out first tour who were gasping at how colossal the stall is in person!
  2. After the tour at Mt. Brilliant is concluded, a must-do back at the Kentucky Horse Park is to talk to a gentlemen by the name of Gene Carter. This 90 year old horsemen was the last person to ever ride Man O'War, and he has some of the most fascinating stories for all horse lovers!
  3.  Finally, after a beautiful morning at Mt. Brilliant, make your way to the resting place of Man O'War. His remains were moved here during the mid 1970's. He is now buried in a place of honor near the entrance of the Horse Park marked by Herbert Haseltine's beautiful Man O'War statue. 

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