Bon Voyage!

It is summertime in Kentucky and the newest crop of foals have begun to stretch their legs and show off their racing genes in their paddocks. As the young ones learn to venture away from mom, some of our favorite stallions are going to travel just a little farther- like to the Southern Hemisphere! This summer, we will be saying bon voyage to American Pharoah, California Chrome, Frosted, Street Boss, Animal Kingdon and Medaglia d’Oro as the takeoff on Air Horse One.

Although the Southern Hemisphere breeding season is opposite of ours, their love for champion stallions matches us toe to toe (or hoof to hoof!), and no thoroughbred is loved quite like our Kentucky stallions.  So, a few notables will be booking passage on a flight down south to continue their breeding duties like the studs they are. While this does mean that they will be absent on Horse Country tours for a little while, don’t worry -- our member locations will still be offering fantastic experiences and featuring popular horses.

How does a thoroughbred travel exactly? Well, you can learn more about shuttling here. These guys are used to it from their racing days, they have travel buddies and dedicated staff with them wherever they go, and they'll be back this winter!

We understand that certain horses hold special places in certain hearts and, while we can't promise who will be around and available from day to day, we want to make sure we share as much information as possible.  We'll do our best to keep you posted here, on our social media and through our Horse Country Concierge service at 859-963-1004.

Hope to see you soon in Horse Country!