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Ali Goes to Saxony

The day had finally come…it was time to head to Lexington for one of my favorite times of the year, Keeneland opening weekend. I spent most of my Friday afternoon taking in all of the racing action at opening day of Keeneland, and planned to do the same on Saturday.

Early Saturday morning I just couldn’t resist the urge any longer and hopped on Horse Country to book an early morning visit to a farm. After doing some research, I decided to visit Saxony Farm.

As I pulled up to the farm I was greeted by an enthusiastic man who made me feel right at home. To my surprise, our tour guide turned out to be Broussard Hundley who owns the farm with his wife, Rose Hundley. I cannot say enough good things about them both. They put in countless of hours to take care of their farm that provides a variety of services including sales preparation, boarding, rehabilitation, quarantine, and breaking.

The first stop on our tour was to see a mare who looked like she was going to give birth at any second. We then made our way to another paddock where there were a handful of foals and mares in a paddock. I previously heard that seeing a foal run for the first time is something special, but I didn’t realize how special it was before seeing it at Saxony. I looked at each foal run as if they were born to do so and found myself questioning if I was witnessing the next Kentucky Derby winner.

We also got to meet a very special gelding who was intermixed in the paddock of mares and foals. The old horse slowly made his way to the fence, stumbling here-and-there, to greet us. He was a sweet old man who could not get enough of us petting him and showing him attention.

We then made our way to a different paddock to meet a very special mare. She might not be a Triple Crown Winner, or a horse who has produced Grade Winning foals, but she left a lasting impression on me. As we walked up to the fence, Broussard told us the story about how the chestnut mare had a blood hemorrhage while giving birth and almost lost her baby, and her own life. Because of the risky pregnancy, she is unable to have another foal so they are planning on taking her to New York to help at-risk teenagers.

We then toured a couple different paddocks that housed a variety of horses who were undergoing rehabilitation. As we made our way back through another barn, the sweet chestnut mare was waiting for us on the other side to receive more love and attention.

Saxony is a place of love, hard work, and passion. It is a first-class run farm with deep family tradition, and that’s why I think so highly of Saxony. Not only do they pour their entire life into the farm, but they also host weddings, and are currently remodeling a house to use as an Airbnb.

If you have not done so already, I highly encourage you to book your tickets to visit Saxony Farm.