It's Foal O' Clock Somewhere

So, if you have seen any of our social media pages in the last few days, you might have noticed something. It's foal season and we are kind of excited! Foals are a sign of a new year, a herald of Spring, and the promise of new thrills in racing. When you really think about it, they are a sign of hope. There is boundless potential with each new colt and filly that is born. For all we know, the next legendary horse could have stood for the first time this year at a farm right here in Horse Country. It seems pretty likely since Kentucky foaled thoroughbreds held 40% of racing earnings in 2016.

Every champion, from Jordan to Phelps to Ali to American Pharoah, started out on wobbly little legs snuggled up next to momma ("Started From the Bottom" plays in the background). While they have several years before they see the track, we like to think they spend their nights dreaming of rose garlands and eclipse awards. In just about a year, they will be yearlings and spend 2019 gearing up for the sales that take place in the fall. By age two, they will have reached 90% of their full growth and we'll get to see what they can really do. They will be winning races and we will fondly remember when their steps were a little more unsure.  


If you head over to, you can see real time video of moms and babies out at the farms. It is easy to spend your entire day watching Sabbatical and her colt bond in the stall or stretch their legs in the paddock. 

We are a little early in the season, but the fields will be flush with foals as we make our way in to Spring. This is the perfect time to say hello to all of those future champions! There could be a new baby with each visit!