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Foal of Adventures

It is breeding season here in Horse Country; an exciting time when new foals are making their debut into the world and the nursery divisons of the farms are busy nurturing these future champions. Foaling season begins in early January and continues to pick up pace as we move into spring. By this point, there are plenty of new babies bouncing around the paddocks just under the mares' feet. In 2015, Kentucky welcomed over 8,000 foals so there are always so many to see at our world-renown nurseries. Here is our quick "how to" so you can make the most of your visit during this exciting season.

Step 1: Go to to learn about all of the nurseries in Horse Country. By choosing "Nursery" in the search bar, you can find their schedules, availability, and what to expect on a tour. Each one has its own unique history and operations so you can't go wrong!

Step 2: You can also book your trip with one of the Horse Country packages at 21c Museum Hotel or Marriott Griffin Gate. These unique experiences offer hotel accommodations, delicious breakfast and tickets to visit one of member locations! Planning is so much easier when someone else does it for you, don't you think?

Step 3: Get excited and go! Follow Horse Country on social media to keep up with your favorites and get updates on all of the adorable foals that are born in Kentucky! Be sure to share your photos with us (tag Horse Country and use #TailsfromHC) so we can see how much you enjoyed your trip.

What are you waiting for? They will only be babies for so long!