Planning your October visit to Horse Country!

October is always one of the most energizing months in Kentucky - the air is crisper, the leaves are turning, and the energy at the famed Keeneland racetrack is positively electric. If you're coming in town for the race meet, don't miss the chance to go beyond the track and see the rest of the story.  We've compiled some itineraries to showcase some of our member locations while you're in town. Cheers to fall in the Bluegrass, y'all - and welcome to Horse Country.


The Stud Weekend in Woodford County Itinerary

Nestled in the rolling hills and scenic byways of Central Kentucky's Woodford County,  you'll find some of the most bucolic and stunning properties - which happen to also be working stud farms. We invite you into the barns, the breeding sheds, and the businesses of world-class stallion operations. This robust Thursday - Sunday itinerary offers a look at operations big and small, and is the perfect complement to a weekend at the track. 

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The Bits and Bobs Itinerary

A stud farm, a clinic, and an aftercare facility - time well spent exploring the full range of care these athletes receive from breeding, to an off-the-track career, and the state of the art care received throughout their  lives. A look into these various locations might help broaden your understanding of why we're known as the Horse Capital of the World. 

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The Horse Country Trifecta Itinerary

Extending your weekend through Monday? Stay in Horse Country and hit the trifecta by visiting a multiple categories: a stud farm, a nursery and a clinic (and Keeneland twice!).  

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The Home of the Long Weekend Itinerary

Three weekend days in the Bluegrass is the perfect amount of time for some racing, some good food, and some visits to Horse Country locations! This itinerary will take you to five of our members, which promises diversity and excitement. Symbolic of the spirit of Horse Country, a theme in this itinerary is family...every tour represented here is a location whose own story is rich with the influence and legacy of family.

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The Friday Foals & Feed Itinerary

A great itinerary if you're looking for a few tours and a lot of racing, we offer Friday Foals & Feed. From the oldest working breeding farm in Kentucky, to the feed mill that has provided nutrition to countless champion thoroughbreds, these experiences are a true peek into agritourism and a lesson in history!

From stud farms to nurseries, clinics to aftercare facilities, we invite you into these authentic tour experiences to get up close and personal with the sport at every level of care. 

We've even taken the liberty to throw in a distillery suggestion and some food options here and there, too -- what can we say; we're locals, but we're fans too and we want you to see the very best the region offers!